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posing with Kvothe bc why the hell not


Nathan/22/Texan - First day of the semester outfit. And then I changed.

shirt: I bought it at a store in my area that sells overstock stuff. The brand is South House and it’s oddly a medium.

shorts: Sam’s Club (Bandolino Jeans) 16

pants: Lane Bryant 18

belt: came with the shorts

hat and bag: Target

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Feeling beautiful and comfortable in my skin.

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Big proud body stuff, in one of my favourite summer beach outfits. Big props to my boy Gabriel Riether for taking these, living with a photographer makes my life just a little easier. 

~ Xanthippe

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“ There is little precedent for fat androgyny. Generally our androgynous icons are svelte and lacking in secondary sex characteristics. David Bowie, Tilda Swinton, Katherine Hepburn; these small-bodied, predominately white figures of androgyny have created an aesthetic with little room for deviation. This means that for those of us with bodies that do not conform to traditional standards of androgyny, we are often misread and misunderstood, even in queer spaces. ”


Fat Queer Tells All: On Fatness and Gender Flatness - By Allie Shyer (via cassket)

True fact

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Yup, if you ain’t a super skinny prepubescent looking person in historically male clothing you’re not considered androgynous to mainstream society

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Something light for Sunday worship!!!